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Australia Rugby wants to host mini World Cup


Australia to Host Mini-World Cup?

Rugby Australia (RA) came up with the idea of hosting a mini-World Cup in what would be a huge boost to rugby diehard fans.

RA Chairman Hamish McLennan would like Australia to host a ‘mini World Cup’ in July 2021.

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 ‘We are still expecting the Rugby Championship to go ahead this year but perhaps we can add to it and create a ‘mini World Cup,’ McLennan told the Financial Times.

‘We have the French in July but if anyone else wants to come out, great. We have a significant British and Irish population here and South Africans.

Hamish McLennan

‘We are open to creating a new tournament and keeping the international calendar going’ McLennan said.

It is understood that the tournament could run in parallel with the Rugby Championship and involve several teams from Europe.

Australia has been very successful in its efforts to contain the coronavirus, consequently hosting the Rugby Championship in 2020.

Last year’s delayed Rugby Championship was reduced to a Tri-Nations involving Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

RWC champions South Africa pulled out due to travel restrictions and the impact of the pandemic.

In contrast, McLennan described the rugby calendar in Europe and South Africa as ‘sketchy’ as these areas still battle to get to grips with rising cases.

European and South African rugby calendars remain up in the air due to the growing spread of COVID-19.

A ‘mini World Cup’ could boost the coffers of all the unions but would be a particularly lucrative venture for the hosts.

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