Frivolity of Rugby No More

After more than 70 years in existence, rugby union is snowballing in almost all regions of the world. The inauguration of a professional rugby championship in the USA is a huge milestone for the game. Finally the American cliché of blokes running onto the field wearing multi sized “tampons” under their shirts, with helmets and cagey visors, skinny three-quarter pants crashing into each other with the fluidity of a falling rock is slowly being challenged.

Real men, with the protection of a thin layer of a jersey, with shorts and bare skin, barrel into each other whilst keeping the oval ball fluidly moving from one person to the other brings about a sense disbelieve to the Americans. It also brings about a diabolical sense of oddity especially when the men, who were then so robust in the field, take turn to shake hands and hug each other when the game is over. That is rugby.

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