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Handball Prodigy Turns To Rugby Pro – Story Of Amirul Mukminin

Amirul Mukminin bin Amizan or locally known as Cibong, has always dreamt to be one of the best in rugby since his breakthrough in the national team.

But that was not the case when he was younger. Amirul has always proven to be exceptional in sports from an early age, playing handball for MSSM Perlis Under 12. Then, he found his calling.

Cibong playing for Terengganu in Malaysia Piala Agong 2019

Amirul’s involvement in rugby came from the influence from his uncle, Pak Ngah Anas, who was a rugby player at the time.

Pak Ngah Anas would always take Amirul to his local games and watching his uncle playing rugby stirs up something in him.

At the time, his local school, Sekolah Kebangsaan Beseri does not have a rugby team but with new determination, Amirul decided to pursue his rugby dream by enrolling to SMK Abi which is 10km walk away from his home.

Terengganu won against Sabah in Cup Final Piala Agong 2019

 His determination perseveres when he faced his most bitter experience in rugby, breaking his shoulder in his first ever under 13 friendly match.

Any kids at the age of 13, will walk away from the sport after experiencing this kind of horrendous injury but not Amirul Mukminin.

With the support from his family, especially his uncle and his father, Amirul continues on with the sport and the rest is history. 

He shared a famous quote that keeps him going until today to any rising talents out there that wish to make it to the top in any sports or field of interest.

“When you feel like quitting, remember the reason why you started”.

Amirul Mukminin’s Top Tips for Rugby Players:

He shared that discipline professed in rugby helps him to reach the top. Discipline comes in various forms which includes discipline in training, Discipline with your sleep schedule, Discipline with your diet (especially important).

1.Discipline in Training

 Discipline in training includes doing your own sessions apart from the team sessions. He usually trains alone in the morning for endurance (sprinting and running exercises) and weight training at the gym alternatively. 

2.Sleeping Schedule Discipline

He keeps a sleeping schedule which he stresses he never goes to bed past 12am. By 12am, he would put down his phone and get his 7 hours sleep.

3. Diet Discipline

As with his dieting, Amirul notes that Malaysian players need to bulk up if we ever want to compete with international players. He recommends going to your local nutritionist to get diet advice according to your BMI (Body Mass Index).

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