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Huge Rewards For Kangar 10’s Champions!

Ironically, the smallest state in Malaysia successfully hosted one of the biggest local rugby events in a calendar year last weekend. Kangar 10’s, or formerly known as Perlis 10’s, rewarded a grand total of RM15,000 for prize money thus making it one of the highest rewards offered by a local rugby event by Malaysia’s standards.

Credit to Astro Arena YT Channel

According to YB Noor Amin Ahmad, Vice President of Perlis Rugby Association, rugby deserves national recognition in this country and the high reward will hopefully set a standard to pull the national interest in getting involved within the sport.

28 teams from all around the nations have participated in this year’s edition in three different categories, mainly the Veterans, Women’s Club, and Men’s Club.

Credit to FB Persatuan Ragbi Perlis Baru

Otai Blackhawks were on a winning streak before they were beaten in the cup finals by the RMP Blues in a thrilling contest. The Royal Malaysian Police is a force to be reckoned with in recent years with their Veteran team making a name for themselves. RMP Blues took home RM3000 as Cup Champions while Otai Blackhawks have to settle with RM1000 as Cup Runners Up.

Credit to FB Persatuan Ragbi Perlis Baru

In the Women’s Club Category Cup Final, UPM Ladies snatched the win during last play as they scored just before the whistle blows to win it 5-0 against Poly Unicorn. Fun fact, they actually lost to Poly Unicorn in their first game of the tournament with the same scoreline. UPM Ladies raked in RM3000 as Cup Champions while Poly Unicorn received RM1000 as Cup Runners Up.

Amin Jamaluddin or locally known as Bonzer, are back in Malaysia for a few weeks’ break as Germany Rugby is currently on winter break. Kangar Rugby Club had the luxury of featuring him with them in the tournament and enjoyed a run into the cup final with his services until they met their match, Jitra Old Boys Rugby Club.

Credit to FB Persatuan Ragbi Perlis Baru

In the Men’s Cup Finals, both teams were evenly matched in most ways as they draw 10-10 in normal time. JOB (Jitra Old Boys) featuring current and ex-national players such as Amirul Mukminin and Faizal Md Tahir, drew inspirations from their experiences as the latter score the winner with a penalty in sudden death. JOB won it 13-10 to take home the grand prize of RM5000 in cash while the home team had to settle with the Runners Up medal and RM2000 in cash.

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