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Malaysia Women Rugby Holds a Great Future in The Cheeky Spartans!

From an inconspicuous corner of Putrajaya, rugby fans from around the nation have been given snippets of a hidden secret. A group of bubbly and cheeky girls, are paving themselves onto the primary girls rugby scene with such a dominance that their team name is being mentioned near and afar.

The girls rugby touch team of Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 16 (1) or also better known as The Cheeky Spartans have been making their marks for the past 2 years since its inception in 2018. And what a mark has that been. In the span of two years, The Cheeky Spartans have won most of the competitions that they went to. The list of championships include:

  1. Cup Champion Super KGV 10s 2018 (Under 12)
  2. Cup Champion Anson 7s 2018 (Under 14)
  3. Cup Champion Karnival NRDP 2019 (Under 12)
  4. Cup Champion KL Highland Games 2019 (Under 14)
  5. Cup Champion KGV 7s 2019 (Under 14)
  6. Cup Champion PRESINT 16 7s 2019 (Under 12)
  7. Cup Champion Bukit Beruang Ragbi 7s 2019 (Under 12)
  8. Cup Champion Super KGV 10s 2019 (Under 12)
  9. Cup Runners Up Karnival NRDP 2018 (Under 12)
  10. Cup Runners Up Lavender 7s 2018 (Under 12)
  11. Cup Runners Up KL Tigers 2019 (Under 14)
  12. Cup Runners Up Convent BP Girl’s Touch 2019 (Under 12)
  13. Cup Runners Up SMSS 10s 2019 (Under 14)
  14. Plate Champions Convent BP Girls Touch 2018 (Under 12)
  15. Cup 3rd place SMSS 7s 2019 (Under 16)

The list seems surreal but it is a fact. It is also a fact that this team became formidable because of the good stewardship by the school, the coaches and the supporting parents.

The Cheeky Spartans dominated the U12 and U11 categories at Super KGV 10s 2019

The school, led by the headmistress Puan Norihan Ismail allowed girls touch rugby to flourish by giving her full support in terms of finance, time and facility usage. The key to all the success is the positive approach by the head coach En Mohd Azli Aziz, who also teaches math at the school.

En Mohd Azli, along with the other two coaches, Puan Ainur Azreen Ishak and Cik Nadhirah Kamarudzaman, instill the positive approach of “no one is left behind” principle. The players put the team first before their individual self and it has become such a harmonious tradition that no one gets left behind even while drinking water in between trainings.

The believe by the coaches, the school and the supporting parents were translated into the players in such a way that, the self believe of the players are always high. The current captain, Tengku Elfayra Raihanah Putri or also known as Fay amongst the players said to Ragbi.MY that she never would have imagined herself and her team mates to reap such a success had they not ventured into girls touch rugby as their sport of choice.

Fay, who is also the Girl’s Under 12 Best Player for NRDP 2019 plans to continue playing rugby as she goes into her secondary school in 2020. The supporting parents group for The Cheeky Spartans is currently lobbying for the inclusion of girls touch rugby into the MSSM calendar as a way forward for girls extra curricular merit activity.

The graduating Cheeky Spartans

The Cheeky Spartans has closed shop for the year 2019 with many of their graduating players going into various secondary schools within Putrajaya and prominent boarding schools where girls touch rugby is a serious sport.

Such stellar achievements like this deserve to be heard across the rugby world as an example of the good values that the game of rugby teaches us.

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